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After-School Sports Programs


Here are the After-School Sports Programs we offer. All participants must have the following permissions slip completed, signed and on file before starting:







For more information, please contact us.

  • Cross Country: Starts end of August. Coaches: Mr. Marshall, Ms. Espejo, & Mr. Taylor

  • Girls Softball: Starts in August. Coach: Mr.Trent

  • Wrestling: Starts end of October. Coach: Mr. Bocca

  • Girls Basketball (7th & 8th): Starts in October. Coaches: Mr. Franza and Mr. Gemellos

  • Boys Basketball: Starts in December. Coaches: Mr. Franza

  • Girls/Boys Volleyball: Starts in February. Coaches: Mr. Henry and Mr. Connolly

  • Boys Soccer: Starts end of January. Coach: Mr. Bocca

  • Girls Soccer: Starts end of January. Coach: TBD

  • Track & Field: Starts in April. Lead Coach: Mr. Marshall

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