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Team Handball


Object: Score goals by throwing a ball into the net. Scoring throws must be initiated before crossing into the goal area (6 meter line, three point line)


Players: 7 players (6 on the court and 1 goalie)

  • 1 goalie

  • 1 circle or pivot (typically runs to the area right in front of the net)

  • 2 wings (shoot from the sides)

  • 3 backs (usually your top scorers)

  • Substitutes: may enter the game at any time as long as the player they’re replacing has already left the court




Downloadable version (ppt):

Rule of Three:

  • You may run 3 steps with the ball.

    • You may have an unlimited dribble either before or after the steps.

    • However, you may not stop and re-start. i.e. no double dribbling.

  • You may hold the ball for up to three seconds


Defense and Penalties:

  • Minimal contact is allowed.

  • Excessive or rough contact

    • Penalties will last two minutes

    • The offending player will be removed from the game and will not be replaced by another player. Their team will play a player short.

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