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Basketball fundamentals: Jump Shot


  1. Have your body squared up to the hoop. Feet, shoulders, hips…etc should be facing your target.

  2. Bend your knees, and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

  3. The arm that you shoot with should be under the ball and your other hand (the “guide hand”) should be on the side of the ball

  4. Spread your fingers to gain more control of the ball and make it easier to follow-through. Hold the ball on the pads of your fingers.

  5. Your shooting elbow should be positioned under the ball while your upper arm and forearms for an ~90 degree angle as you bring your arms up and in front of you.

  6. Jump straight up as you…

  7. Extend your arms up and release the ball right before you reach the top of your jump, forcing the ball up and forward with one hand only. The other hand is just to help guide.

  8. Follow through with your shooting hand pointing towards the basket.

Basketball fundamentals: Dribbling


  1. Use your finger pads to dribble, not the palm.

  2. Keep your hand on top of the ball.

  3. Push the ball towards the ground and towards the side of your body.

  4. Follow through slightly with your hand pointing towards the ground.

  5. Slightly cushion the ball with your hand and wrist as it bounces its way back up. DON’T slap at it.

  6. Repeat this bouncing motion.

  7. Try to look up and not at the ground or the ball.

  8. For a controlled dribble: 

Turn slightly away so your body is between you and the defender.

Keep the dribble at waist height or lower.

  9. For a speed dribble:

The ball should be bounced a little more in front of your body.

The dribble may be bounced above waist height.

Basketball fundamentals: Passing


1. Chest pass:

Start by holding the ball with both hands at chest height.

Step in the direction of your target.

Push the ball out and follow through by pointint your hands toward your target.

2. Bounce pass:

Repeat steps #1 and #1 of the chest pass

Push the ball and aim for a target on the ground ~2/3rds of the way to your target


Basketball fundamentals: Defensive positioning


1. Weight distribution: most of your weight should be on the fronts or balls of your feet.

2. Feet: your feet should be slightly staggered and slightly wider than shoulder apart

3. Hips back & knees bent - butt should be behind the heels and your knees should be pointing forward, but not past the toes.

4. Shoulders Over Knees - Your shoulders should be over your knees with your chest out and back straight or slightly arched.

5. Hands up - Depending on the tactic (Hands out or hand up to defend shot/dribble).

6. Try to keep yourself between your man and the basket.


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