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Injury or Illness Policy


  • A parent's note will excuse the student for up to three days.

  • After three days, we must have a Doctor's note (M.D.).


Making Up Class:

Students who have more than 3 excused absences in a week span have the opportunity to make-up days missed by completing a written assignment or complete a physical activity at home. PLEASE SEE THE TEACHER FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. Students with unexcused absences will not be able to make up missed day(s) and will earn a zero for each day absent. 


Students who bring notes to school to excuse them from participating in fitness days will be required to make up the fitness activity at a later date. If it is not made up within the quarter, the student will receive zero points for the activity. Otherwise students must dress out and do the best that they can. All missed runs must be made up at school, unless the teacher approves a parent-supervised run. Only two make up run days per quarter. If a student chooses not to make up a run, a zero will be issued.

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