Dress Code


All students are required to wear the following PE clothes. PE Clothes must be brought home every Friday to be washed.


  • Shorts: Only Chaboya shorts or plain black shorts are allowed. Chaboya shorts are $15.

  • Shirt: Only the Chaboya t-shirt or a PLAIN WHITE t-shirt is allowed. The Chaboya shirt is $12.

  • Sweats: Chaboya sweatpants and sweatshirt or any color of appropriate sweats are allowed. Chaboya sweatpants are $20, and the Chaboya sweatshirt is $25.

  • Shoes & Socks: Running or Cross Trainer shoes are best for P.E., but all tennis shoes are acceptable as long as the laces are tied. Socks are to be worn daily.

  • Lock: All students will be loaned a lock from the school. They will return the lock at the end of the year.


You can purchase the Chaboya items listed above separately, or we also offer a Chaboya package for $30, which includes the t-shirt, shorts and PE bag. 


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